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Integrated Resource Plan

PUD staff completed development of the Draft 2019 Update to the adopted 2017 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and presented to the Board of Commissioners on March 19, 2019. The 2019 Update includes a proposed long-term strategy that is similar to the 2017 IRP and ensures sufficient resources are available, at a reasonable cost, to meet the PUD’s changing energy and capacity needs for the 2020 through 2039 study period. The Update also includes a proposed action plan that outlines near term actions to begin implementing the resource strategy.

On a seasonal basis, the 2019 Update shows the PUD has a relatively small near-term winter capacity need in years 1-5. With accumulative conservation acquisition forecasted to reach 70 aMW through 2029, the utility's long-term capacity need that would serve both winter and future summer needs is deferred until the late 2020s. These results are similar to the 2017 IRP findings, but are smaller in scale due to the effects of conservation acquisition and codes and standards that have accrued and moderated load growth expectations.

The adopted 2017 IRP covered the 2018 through 2037 study period and reaffirmed the PUD’s commitment to acquire new, cost-effective conservation and energy efficiency as its resource of choice. The Long-Term Resource Strategy considered the future impacts of climate change on the PUD’s loads and existing resources, and identified 93 average megawatts of new cumulative conservation potential to serve the 2018 through 2027 period. New conservation in combination with a 50 MW short-term winter capacity product (5 years term), the PUD’s owned hydro resources, long-term contracts for wind energy, customer-owned generation and the Bonneville Power Administration supply contracts deferred the need for future capacity resources to help meet winter needs until 2028.