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Trees Near Power Lines

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If you are planning on removing or trimming a tree near any power lines, please call the PUD for clarification. Customers are responsible for maintaining clearance around the service line (the power line that runs from the pole to the service entrance of the home). We will arrange for an on-site visit to determine whether it's a PUD or customer responsibility.

Planting Diagram
Planting Diagram image

For more information about selecting trees to plant around power lines, please view our Tree Booklet (which includes the above planting diagram) as well as our Native Plant List (both listed to the right). You can also view a powerpoint presentation or slide show of Native Plants (see below).

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Trees & Energy Conservation

Did you know that by planting the right trees in the right places, you can help save on heating and cooling costs? Not only do trees help cool in the summer by providing shade, they act as wind-breaks against the cold in the winter. For more information, click on any of the following links:


Vegetation Management
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