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Press Releases

(Current News)

  • Snohomish PUD Selects Xylem for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

    Meter and communications technology will advance the PUD’s Connect Up program

    Snohomish County PUD has selected Sensus, a Xylem brand, as the meter and communication technology provider for its Connect Up program. The PUD’s Board of Commissioners recently approved the contract with Xylem.

    “At the conclusion of a detailed and thorough selection process, Sensus stood out as the best fit solution and the selection was unanimous,” said Mark Flury, PUD’s Connect Up Program Director. “We are excited about working with Sensus to build a safe, secure and reliable advanced metering network.”

    Sensus will provide its FlexNet® communication network, a point-to-multi-point solution that delivers reliable customer usage data from advanced meters and sensors. FlexNet operates over a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensed spectrum. The network will significantly decrease the maintenance of the PUD’s infrastructure.

    “This deployment empowers Snohomish County PUD to operate more efficiently and sustainably under one smart technology network,” said Mike McGann, Vice President, Sensus Americas, Global Engineering & Assessment Services. “Our solution provides the right data at the right time to optimize electric and water system operations, reduce maintenance costs and improve customer service."

    FlexNet supports multiple applications on a single network, seamlessly managing the PUD’s electric, water and distribution automation (DA) requirements.

    “Sensus agreed to PUD’s requirements for network performance and reliability along with functional requirements for meter read intervals, on-demand reads, and remote disconnects and reconnects,” said Jeff Colon, who represented the PUD in the selection and contract negotiation process.

    The PUD will have multiple options for sourcing future meters as Sensus supports not only its own Stratus IQTM meters, but also Aclara and Honeywell meters.

    The PUD will contract with three additional companies to implement its Connect Up program. The remaining vendors will focus on the meter data management system, integration with the PUD’s other enterprise systems, and a work order management system for the meter exchange process.

    The PUD’s Connect Up program is an infrastructure and technology project that will deploy new metering technology to deliver an array of added benefits for customers and the PUD. Deployment of new meters is expected to begin in 2023. To learn more about Connect Up, click here.

    About Sensus
    Sensus, a Xylem brand, provides remotely-managed products and solutions that deliver the right data at the right time for investor-owned utilities, cooperatives and municipalities. As part of Xylem’s digital portfolio, our smart devices connect with a variety of communication technologies to help customers make timely decisions that optimize electric, gas and water systems. Learn more at

  • PUD Honors Local Students in Art & Photo Contests

    Snohomish County PUD recently announced the names of 13 local students who won awards in the utility’s 2021 art and photography competitions. The contests are designed to engage students and the community in energy topics. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, students from schools across the PUD’s service area submitted entries this year.

    This year’s art contest challenged students to create a poster highlighting an electrical safety tip. Five students won awards as follows: Henry, Kindergarten, Bethlehem Christian School; Avery, Grade 7, Stanwood Middle School; Jonas, Grade 3, Sherwood Elementary; Marion, Grade 9, Stanwood High School; Tori, Grade 5, Hillcrest Elementary.

    This year’s photography contest asked students to submit a photo with the theme “Bringing Joy to Our Communities!” Eight students won awards as follows: David, Grade 12, Snohomish High School; Chloe, Grade 9, Stanwood H.S.; Grace, Grade 11, Snohomish H.S.; Mia, Grade 11, Snohomish H.S.; Ellie, Grade 11, Glacier Peak H.S.; Ve’ondre, Grade 11, Glacier Peak H.S.; Kali, Grace 12, Snohomish H.S.; Delaney, Grade 12, Glacier Peak H.S.

    The winners of the competition were awarded $50. The winners artwork and photography are posted here.

  • SnoPUD’s FlexEnergy Pilots to Incentivize Flexible Energy Usage

    Customers will have the option to enroll smart devices or join without smart tech

    Snohomish County PUD has launched pilot programs that will incentivize customers to change their behavior or employ innovative technology and save energy when demand on the electrical grid is at its greatest. The PUD plans to use the pilots to study the effects of shifting energy usage so the utility can keep rates low and meet clean energy goals.

    The PUD’s FlexEnergy pilots are voluntary and open to all PUD customers who meet eligibility requirements. By enrolling, customers will earn bill credits and have the opportunity to save money on their bill.

    “As we make plans to build the grid of the future that will meet customers’ energy demands, we want to partner with our customers to ensure that energy remains reliable and environmentally sustainable,” said John Haarlow, PUD CEO/General Manager. “Shifting usage from peak demand periods, when there is the greatest strain on the grid, to when energy is more available saves money for all of our customers.”

    Customers who have a Google Nest or ecobee smart thermostat or ChargePoint or EnelX (JuiceBox) connected electric vehicle charger are eligible to enroll those devices in SnoPUD’s FlexEnergy pilot program. Customers who enroll their eligible smart technology will receive alerts on those devices for specific pilot events.

    PUD customers who don’t have eligible smart technology can enroll in SnoPUD’s FlexEnergy Customer Choice pilot, which will incentivize customers to change their energy usage habits through simple behavioral changes like doing laundry at night or turning the heat down a few degrees at select times and days.

    Based on the type of smart device they enroll, customers will be able to participate in one of three FlexEnergy pilots: FlexTime, FlexResponse or FlexPeak. The three pilots will focus on three approaches to shifting energy use: time-dynamic rate designs (FlexTime), and event-driven demand response (FlexResponse) and critical peak-pricing (FlexPeak). Customers who enroll in the Customer Choice program can choose to take part in the FlexTime or FlexPeak pilot.

    “These pilots will help the PUD learn more about customer usage flexibility and adoption of new pilot designs,” said Kelly Strand, PUD Customer and Energy Services Program Manager.

    The PUD has partnered with Virtual Peaker, a cloud-based energy management platform, to deploy its FlexEnergy pilots. Virtual Peaker’s Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) will be used to enable customer and communicating device enrollment, event scheduling and management, and pilot analytics.

    To participate in SnoPUD’s FlexEnergy pilot, customers are required to consent to the installation of a new meter. This is not an advanced meter and not associated with the PUD’s Connect Up program.

    To enroll in SnoPUD’s FlexEnergy pilot or for more information, click here.

  • PUD Program Makes Life Brighter for Habitat for Humanity Store

    $23,000 Lighting Improvements Installed at No Cost to Habitat Store in Smokey Point

    At the Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) Store in Smokey Point, every dollar saved is a dollar that can help a local family have safe, comfortable housing. Recently, the Habitat Store received more than $23,000 worth of professionally installed lighting improvements at no cost to the organization. The new lighting will not only improve the ambience of the store, it will save an estimated 88,682 kWh of electricity annually. At an estimated $.085 per kWh, annual savings for the Habitat Store would be $7538, or about $628 monthly.

    “Every dollar we earn is invested in local families,” said Chris Anderson, Construction Manager for Habitat Snohomish. “Though at first this program sounded too good to be true, I’m delighted that it is working out and that we’ve been able to get these improvements completed.”

    In the past, Habitat had considered making these lighting improvements themselves, but the large upfront cost of the lighting and installation made for a lengthy return on investment. Through the Small Business Direct Install Program, PUD contractors were able to install 67 metal halide high bays, eight linear strips and four wraps.

    “The Habitat Store project is a great example of how the Small Business Direct Install Program can help us reach our utility conservation targets while supporting our customers,” said Sheri Miller, Customer and Energy Services Program Manager. “This project especially, however, will have an even greater impact on our community since Habitat will be able to take the money they save on their energy bills and invest it in improving the lives of community members in need.”

    Since late 2020, the PUD has partnered with Puget Sound Energy on a Direct Install Program for Small Businesses. This program includes a no-cost comprehensive assessment and energy savings report, and if a business is eligible, installation of no-cost and low-cost energy-saving products ranging from LED lighting to refrigeration to programmable thermostats. Since the project began, 111 for-profit or non-profit local businesses have completed projects saving approximately 1,170,421 kWh. More information about the program, including how to submit a request to participate, can be found at

    About Snohomish County PUD

    Snohomish County PUD is the second largest publicly owned utility in Washington. We serve over 360,000 electric customers and 22,000 water customers. Our service territory covers over 2,200 square miles, including all of Snohomish County and Camano Island. Visit for more information.

    About Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County

    Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County, founded in 1991 as a 501(c)(3) public charity, is a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. Habitat Snohomish is a volunteer-driven organization that partners directly with low-income families to build community while building and repairing homes. Habitat gives families the opportunity of homeownership through donated labor, materials, and funding. This allows the nonprofit to provide affordable homes at an average of 40% of the low market housing price. The organization has built 28 homes in Snohomish County since its founding and is currently working toward building a 24-unit multifamily neighborhood, Twin Creeks Village, in Everett. To learn more, visit


  • Snohomish PUD Launches Charger Rebates for Business Customers

    Rebates apply to the installation of electric vehicle chargers to either new or existing facilities

    Snohomish County PUD is now offering commercial, industrial and multi-family customers a rebate for the purchase and installation of qualifying Level 2 connected ENERGY STAR electric vehicle (EV) chargers at their facilities.

    Rebates apply to both new and existing facilities:

    • New construction facilities are eligible for a $500 rebate per port.
    • Existing facilities requiring infrastructure construction are eligible for up to a $1,000 rebate per port.

    “We know that installing EV charging infrastructure to existing buildings costs more than in new construction so we wanted to offer those customers a larger rebate,” said Shelley Pattison, PUD EV Engagement Manager.

    The EV charger must be purchased and installed at new and existing commercial, industrial and multi-family facilities with commercial meters located within SnoPUD’s service area. Leased chargers are not eligible.

    The PUD also recently launched a new interactive area on its website to help business customers, municipalities and school districts research electric fleet vehicles. The site has basics on what fleet managers should look for when purchasing EV fleet vehicles, cost considerations and savings estimator, and information on models and charging equipment.

    “The new site is loaded with information for our business customers who need help in understanding what kind of EV would best fit their type of business,” Pattison said.

    To learn more about EV charger rebates for businesses and visit the new interactive fleet electrification site, click here.

    Electric vehicles charged in the PUD’s service area run on some of the cleanest power in the nation. Most of the PUD’s energy is generated by clean, renewable hydropower, and over the past five years, 95% of the PUD’s fuel mix has come from clean resources.

  • Warning: Beware of Scammers Targeting SnoPUD Customers

    As reports of scam attempts increase, the PUD offers tips on what to do if targeted

    Snohomish County PUD has received multiple reports of scammers targeting customers in recent days. The PUD is warning customers about this increase as scammers attempt to take advantage during this uncertain time.

    These potential scams may be committed over the phone, through mailers, via text messages or by people visiting homes or business. Common techniques include claiming bills are delinquent, that special funding is available or that personal information on a customer’s account is incorrect or out of date. Scammers will often ask for immediate payment and sensitive personal or financial account information, often threatening immediate disconnection.

    Always double check! If customers receive a call from the PUD that raises doubt, they are advised to call the PUD at 425-783-1000 to verify the call.

    Scammers will often spoof PUD phone numbers or use PUD logos to make their scams seem more legitimate. Here are tips on how customers can know that a call or visit from a PUD employee is official:

    • Scammers often threaten immediate disconnections. Currently due to the pandemic, the PUD has paused disconnections for non-payments and late fees.
    • The PUD will never call a customer and threaten to disconnect their power in 30 minutes if the customer doesn’t send immediate payment.
    • The PUD does not collect payments at customers’ homes or businesses.
    • The PUD never asks customers for credit card numbers for payment.
    • The PUD never asks to be paid via gift card or “green dot”/reload cards.
    • PUD employees visiting a customer’s home or business will always have a PUD identification badge with a photo, first name and a PUD logo. To verify, customers should ask to see it.
    • Scammers often target senior citizens or those not fluent in English. The PUD encourages anyone who receives a call from the PUD to verify the call before taking any action. Call 425-783-1000 to verify any PUD call. 

    Customers can also thwart scammers by visiting MySnoPUD, the new and improved online PUD account management tool, and signing up. MySnoPUD gives customers 24/7 secure access to their billing, energy and water usage data and more. They can verify if their account is overdue or a payment has not been applied. They can also schedule and manage automatic payments and review their billing history. To learn more, click here.

    During this time of need, scammers are actively misleading customers with promises of money to help pay electric and water bills. The PUD has a robust Income-Qualified Assistance Program that provides relief to customers in need. Recent changes to the program have expanded eligibility and increased discount amounts for most customers in the program.

    Customers looking for help in paying their electric and water bills can call the PUD’s Customer Service at 425-783-1000. For more information on the PUD’s Income-Qualified Assistance Program, customers can click here.

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